EAT MORE COLOR: Mosaic Installation for TRUE FOOD KITCHEN, New Orleans.

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There were many steps involved with this installation. The first being a drive to New Orleans to source materials.

I also asked locals if they would empty their junk drawers for me, because I needed LOTS of trinkets for this piece. I am very grateful to the people that contributed. Thank you!

The next step was a LONG one separating thousands and thousands of beads, then catagorizing by colour.

Once the materials were ready it was time to dress the panels. Up close it looked jumbled.


But from a distance the jumble started to make sense.


Weeks later, the individual panels were complete. All together there were 3 panels making 22 feet of signage.

After sealing the work with poly acrylic, it was time to transport the sign to its home at True Food Kitchen in New Orleans.

Wall Prep



And details of the final:






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